'Portballintrae after the Storm'
'Portballintrae after the Storm' | Soft Pastel, 65 x 40 cm | David Sweet
'Fairhead' | Soft pastel, 80 x 56 cm | David Sweet

David Sweet

A paediatrician in Belfast painting mainly as a hobby. He works in soft pastel and has been accepted for membership of the Pastel Society of Ireland in 2009...
 'White Old Man on the Turtle Rock Mongolia'
'White Old Man on the Turtle Rock Mongolia' | Gouache on paper, 29.7 x 42 cm | Olga Rozhdestvina
 'Slavic Dual Faith'
'Slavic Dual Faith' | Dry Pastels and Acrylics on paper, 29.7 x 42 cm | Olga Rozhdestvina

Olga Rozhdestvina

After moving to Dublin Olga discovered for herself new ways of reflecting her fascination with literature and cinematography by means of inks and acrylics, past...
'Drift' | Acrylic, 33 x 37 cms | Sarah McEvoy
'Cloudbreak' | Acrylic, 28 x 24 cms | Sarah McEvoy

Sarah McEvoy

Through her studies and work as a physiotherapist she has also developed an interest in the anatomy and expression of the human body. She will exhibit her work ...
 'Icy Road Ballybetagh Co. Dublin'
'Icy Road Ballybetagh Co. Dublin' | watercolor, 14 x 10 inches | Nick Fegan
 'Lobster Boat West Pier, Dun Laoghaire'
'Lobster Boat West Pier, Dun Laoghaire' | watercolor, 14 x 10 inches | Nick Fegan

Nick Fegan

My primary objective is to capture all my subjects outdoors - 'plein-air'. It's a difficult way to paint, however, this gives you two things...
 'Golden Hour'
'Golden Hour' | Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cm | Jaanika Talts
 'Be True'
'Be True' | Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cm | Jaanika Talts

Jaanika Talts

I'm not able to put it into words how much I love colours! Colours are everywhere. We all use the power of colours daily, often unconsciously. For me, colours b...
'Daisy' | Pastel, 22 x 32 cm | Karen Gourley
 'Koi 1'
'Koi 1' | Pastel, 12 x 12 cm | Karen Gourley

Karen Gourley

I began painting again in recent years after being introduced to pastels by a artist friend and I was hooked. I now paint animals and landscapes inspired by the...
 'Chinese Lanterns'
'Chinese Lanterns' | Oil on canvas, 40 x 49 cm | Mary St Leger
'Still' | Oil on Board, 30 x 50 cm | Mary St Leger

Mary St Leger

She completed her B.A in Painting in the Limerick School of Art and Design. Continuing her studies, she completed her M.A in fine Art in The University of Centr...
 'Joy at Charlies House'
'Joy at Charlies House' | Oil on canvas, 65 x 90 cm | Sara Gilligan
 'Bathtub at Charlies'
'Bathtub at Charlies' | Oil on canvas, 65 x 90 cm | Sara Gilligan

Sara Gilligan

Aspiring contemporary animal and landscape realist painter...
'Phoenix' | Oil, 12 x 12 ins | Anna Byrne
'Shelter' | Acrylic, 5 x 5 ins | Anna Byrne

Anna Byrne

Informed by my interest in classical studies, nature and science, as well as a career in dress and interior design, painting gives me a new way to express mysel...
'Empowerment' | Oil on Linen canvas, 81 x 110 cm | Francis O'Toole
 'Homeless Hero'
'Homeless Hero' | Oil on gesso panel, 50 x 70 cm | Francis O'Toole

Francis O'Toole

After fours years intermittent study in Florence, Francis returned to Dublin and is now working in his studio on a number of figurative, multi-figurative and po...
 'Vascular Vision'
'Vascular Vision' | fluorescent acrylics, 40 x 51 cm | Adam McEwan
'Iridule' | acrylics, 51 x 71 cm | Adam McEwan

Adam McEwan

Adam's style is abstract psychedelic. His influences are science fiction and shamanism....
 'Stone Shed and Cattle'
'Stone Shed and Cattle' | Oil, 12 x 10 inches | Rita Linney
 'Micks Cottage'
'Micks Cottage' | Oil, 12 x 10 inches | Rita Linney

Rita Linney

I work mainly in oil paint and love the subjects offered by the West of Ireland, particularly the coast of County Clare....
'SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW' | MIXED MEDIA, 80 X 60 cms | Marvin Baldemor
'RESTLESS STRUCTURES' | MIXED MEDIA, 61 X 46 cms | Marvin Baldemor

Marvin Baldemor

Local award winning Filipino artist Marvin D. Baldemor has been living in Letterkenny for almost 9 years capturing the local landscape on both canvas...
 'Tides Out 4'
'Tides Out 4' | Watercolour on paper, 297 x 210 mm | Marty Garland
 'Tides Out 2'
'Tides Out 2' | Watercolour on paper, 297 x 210 mm | Marty Garland

Marty Garland

I generally work from my own photographic sources and occasionally paint en plein air (when its not raining!) ...mediums of choice include Acrylic, Watercolour,...
 'Heritage Series Number 8'
'Heritage Series Number 8' | Oil and acrylic on canvas, 70 x 90 cm | Martina Furlong
 'The Hill, In Colour'
'The Hill, In Colour' | Oil on board, 50 x 50 cm | Martina Furlong

Martina Furlong

The ideas for my paintings come from various sources; buildings, books, songs, people and nature. In my paintings I want to transform reality, mix it with memor...

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