'Enamel Jugs'
'Enamel Jugs' | Oil on Board, 24 x 17 inches | Susan Cairns
 'Which Came First'
'Which Came First' | Oil on Board, 24 x 20 inches | Susan Cairns

Susan Cairns

Still Life Original Paintings, all oil on board. After several years she changed direction to oil painting specialising in still life constantly continuing to m...
 'Music Is The Answer'
'Music Is The Answer' | Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 30 inches | Ciano
'Escapology' | Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 50 cms | Ciano


Ciano paints and draws with Acrylic, Pastels and Mixed Media, mostly in abstract expressionist, experimental and modern styles, with influences that include DeK...
 'Skull in Shadows'
'Skull in Shadows' | Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm | Deborah Reidy
 '2 apples'
'2 apples' | Oil on board, 40 x 30 cm | Deborah Reidy

Deborah Reidy

Portraits, pastels, Deborah studied art in Waterford Institute of Technology and graduated in 2007. She has exhibited both abstract and figurative work througho...
 'Landscape With Yellow Sky'
'Landscape With Yellow Sky' | Oil on paper, 21 x 29 cm | Martina Furlong
 'Landscape With Purple Pathway'
'Landscape With Purple Pathway' | Oil on paper, 21 x 29 cm | Martina Furlong

Martina Furlong

The ideas for my paintings come from various sources; buildings, books, songs, people and nature. In my paintings I want to transform reality, mix it with memor...
 'Market Street, Kinsale'
'Market Street, Kinsale' | Coloured Pencil on paper, 16 x 12 inches | Phil Davis
 'Fishing Boats, Ballycotton'
'Fishing Boats, Ballycotton' | Ink Pigment on paper, 16 x 12 inches | Phil Davis

Phil Davis

I'm Phil Davis, a self taught artist living in Ballycotton, Co Cork. I work from Studio 2 in the Shanagarry Design Centre,Shanagarry Co Cork. I have b...
 'Gap of Dunloe'
'Gap of Dunloe' | Oil on canvas, 16 x 12 ins | Tom Molloy
 'Sunset on The Coast'
'Sunset on The Coast' | Oil on canvas, 20x 16 ins | Tom Molloy

Tom Molloy

I have been painting for many years. Over the last 6 years my interests have evolved from occasional figurative and portrait work to an ever increasing interest...
'Optimism' | Acrylic and aerosol paint, 32 x 40 inches | Stephen Ward
'Wonderment' | Acrylic and aerosol paint, 32 x 40 inches | Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward

my artwork is inspired and in memory of my son, Craig, who took his own life sadly, aged 29 years old,in April 2016. My artwork is, in my mind, guided by my son...
'Winter' | Oil on canvas, 30 x25 cm | Valerie Maldiney
 'Street Life'
'Street Life' | Oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm | Valerie Maldiney

Valerie Maldiney

I started painting in 2016..., little did I know it would become a true passion. I am currently particularly drawn to portraiture as searching for the person's ...
'Jason' | charcoal, 51 x 38 cm | Fergus Ryan
 'Cross Country'
'Cross Country' | egg tempera, 83.5 x 66 cm | Fergus Ryan

Fergus Ryan

The artist spent the summer of 2013 in a masterclass in Italy with the noted Israeli painter Israel Hershberg, following the Italian footsteps of Corot and the ...
 'Nosey Cow'
'Nosey Cow' | Oil, 20 x 24 inches | Angel Solecki Arnold
 'Limousine Cow'
'Limousine Cow' | Oil, 20 x 24 inches | Angel Solecki Arnold

Angel Solecki Arnold

Her happiest place is always in front of a canvas giving each of her portraits unique character, flair and personality. When not painting she also teaches art t...
 'Atlantic Way'
'Atlantic Way' | Textiles, 29 x 29 cm | Geraldine Leonard
 'Atlantic Way Seashore'
'Atlantic Way Seashore' | Textiles, 29 x 29 cm | Geraldine Leonard

Geraldine Leonard

The striking combination of sensual, velvety textiles and a vividly rich colour palette allows me to transform scenes from our Irish landscape into incredibly u...
 'Lets Be Having You'
'Lets Be Having You' | watercolour, 29 x 42 cm | Kathy Ross
 'The Quays at Christmas'
'The Quays at Christmas' | acrylic inks on black paper, 29 x 42 cm | Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross

Kathy works by layering ink, watercolor and pencil. Her work is inspired by beauty both real and imagined. Her upcoming show is based on ideas of Fairy tales an...
'Wilbert' | Oil on canvas, 10 x 10 inch | Gillian Smyth
 'The Wild Dunes'
'The Wild Dunes' | Oil on canvas, 21.5 x 17.5 inch | Gillian Smyth

Gillian Smyth

Scenic paintings of Ireland, Seascapes, Floral Still Life, Lighthouse, Cottages, Oil on canvas, farm animals...
 'Riasc at Grand Canal'
'Riasc at Grand Canal' | Watercolour, 14 x 10 inches | Nick Fegan
 'Sandycove in Summer with Family'
'Sandycove in Summer with Family' | Watercolour, 14 x 10 inches | Nick Fegan

Nick Fegan

My primary objective is to capture all my subjects outdoors - 'plein-air'. It's a difficult way to paint, however, this gives you two things...
 'Clare Island'
'Clare Island' | Oil on canvas, 20 x 30 ins | Trisha Slowey
 'Turlough Round Tower'
'Turlough Round Tower' | Oil on canvas, na | Trisha Slowey

Trisha Slowey

A graduate of The National College of Art and Design, she specialises in oil paintings and all of her paintings are one off originals. Trisha would describe her...

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