About The New Irish Art Project

© Serving artists and audience since March, 2000


Since our launch on March 28th, 2000, the NewIrishArt website has pioneered the online presentation of original artwork of and about Ireland.

Operating as an open platform, NewIrishArt assists artists by leveraging Internet technology so that their work can be exposed to the largest audience.

Following academic research [TCD, 2004/2005] into the way the Internet might benefit the arts sector in Ireland (encompassing the Artist Workflow, Universal Service and ICT Convergence) the purpose of the website was refined to three primary goals...

  1. support visual artists in getting their work seen.
  2. increase the enjoyment of (visual) arts.
  3. encourage participation in (visual) arts.

Professional, amateur and emerging artists are equally supported and welcome to share the New Irish Art platform.

The idea is simple and the operation is performed with dedication and professionalism by the New Irish Art Project team.

A number of testimonials are published on the website to indicate what impact our work has had and how it benefits the arts community.

More than 600 artists show their artwork on NewIrishArt and an audience of thousands visits the website every week to enjoy the work on display. Because of the fundamental quality and richness of content, leading Internet search engines consistently rank NewIrishArt very highly.

We owe our continuing success to hard work and dedication, to all of the artists who show their artwork and to the many art lovers who visit to NewIrishArt to enjoy it.

What This Website Actually Does

The New Irish Art website encourages Professional, Emerging and Amateur visual artists to show their work together on one platform.

We produce high quality presentations that are designed to make the most of the technology available. We want all of our visitors to enjoy seeing artwork online.

Artists on the New Irish Art platform can concentrate on the art and leave much of their technology requirements to us. We endeavour to keep rolling out the finest tools that support presentation and promotion of original artwork. We have kept up with the latest trends so that the artist and the visitor get exactly what they want.

All gallery pages on the website can be individually promoted via links to the most popular Social Networks, Bookmarking and Email to friends and relations. Most galleries also have a free, downloadable PDF catalogue that shows off the work and includes the details (Title, Medium and Dimensions).

All galleries on the New Irish Art website have been reviewed and approved by the artist. All the works presented have been prepared and uploaded to a stringent Quality Assurance process that ensures an even, smooth viewing experience.

A number of testimonials are published on the website to indicate what impact our work has had and how it benefits the arts community.

The Team at New Irish Art have been doing this for more than a decade (Since, March, 2000). We expect to keep on doing it as long as we have the support of artists and a growing audience for the content. Our statistics continue to evidence a strong and steady growth that is the envy of others.

Buying Work from New Irish Art dot Com

The New Irish Art website does not sell artwork nor does it take any payment or commission on sales that may follow the presentation of work on the site.

We encourage art lovers to purchase from a trusted gallery or from the artist direct. Gallery owners and artist agents play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of work and in making visual art accessible to the public.

We recommend that viewers get to see work before committing to buy. Images presented on the web are subjected to many distorting factors that could make the presentation differ widely from the actual work.

It is not possible for online presentations to replace the role of the local gallery. For that reason alone, supporting your local gallery is a right choice.

There is a contact form in every current artist Gallery, after the Biographical section. This should be used to establish direct contact with the artist. Most of our artists would be delighted to work on a commission basis and are very helpful folk indeed.

Privacy, Data Protection and Copyright

Many websites are built from scratch with methods to quickly capture and retain personal information about their members. New Irish Art does not collect any unnecessary data from its artists nor do our visitors have to register. In the ever blooming cloud of social networks on the Internet, data is best kept private if it is to be kept safe. Our approach to this area is that less is better, we will never need your personal data to show your work or to let you see work.

New Irish Art does not plant 'cookies' on visitor's machines and, though it is common practice elsewhere, we do not collect personal data from any of our visitors.

The copyright of the work shown on the New Irish Art website is protected by international law. The artwork displayed on the site MAY NOT BE USED by ANYONE without written consent from the copyright owners.

Copyright Law protects the original work done by those who produce these presentations, we would have no hesitation in pursuing any person suspected of such an infringement through the courts.

The Design of New Irish Art dot Com

The New Irish Art website has changed many times throughout its years of operation. It will continue changing as our artists and our audience requires and as technology enablers allow.

In every iteration of the website's evolution changes have been made for better use of the screen, faster delivery of images and for continuous improvement of the 'viewing experience'.

The World Wide Web and computer screens are not the ideal way to view original artwork. That doesn't mean that viewing art via this medium should be boring and restricted. We believe that the media should be exploited to the fullest so that each viewer gets the best enjoyment possible.

At the end of 2014, the New Irish Art website was redesigned to become more responsive (easier for access on small screens) and uses compliant HTML5 with CSS level3 and is now based on the Bootstrap template