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In all it's years of operation, the New Irish Art project has frequently received messages of support and we still get regular notes from our artists as well as others interested in seeing the project succeed. We have included a small selection of those messages here for your perusal, should you wish to send a testimonial then use the Contact form, we never get tired of reading good feedback.

Tom Hogarty, PM, founder and Webhamster New Irish Art

I am new to New Irish Art, and seeing my selection of paintings up on the site for the first time was very exciting. The quality of display, layout of the pages and the ease of navigation are all impressive. I have benefitted by the coincidence of joining up just as the site went through a major upgrade in the same month. It is a great boost to my self confidence as an artist to be part of this project, among so many talented artists presenting such high-quality work.

Bob Scott [Irish Artist]

New Irish Art have achieved the landmark of a million hits in the month of November 2012 they are to be congratulated and it is fully deserved. I am a relatively new artist on NIA, my experience has been more than positive. On NIA it is always a can do attitude, always positive, always helpful, always about the art. This is the website for a lot of people who might not have the opportunity to showcase their work and only through the determination and skills of the team at NIA can this happen. Well done and thank you

John O'Grady [Irish Artist]

I put my paintings on this website years ago when there were less than 20 artists, I dealt with Tom. The site has flourished, because of Tom and the team. I neglected to update my paintings on a regular basis, and now Tom has welcomed me back in 2012 like an old friend. It's a beautiful site to browse through, to see the diversity of styles from all the Irish artists, I'm proud to be part of it. Thank you Tom for promoting each and every one of us.

Rebecca Carroll [Irish Artist]

'You Guys Rock', thank you for all your hard work and vision, very much appreciated and needed, keep up the great work. Best wishes,

Kevin Sharkey [Irish Artist]

The New Irish Art team work tirelessly getting gallery updates up and running in no time. I am delighted at how my gallery looks and Tom and the team are always very helpful. Whenever anyone enquires about my portfolio it is so easy to give them the link to the New Irish Art online gallery and I had had some brilliant feedback directly via this site.

Laura Butler [Irish Artist]

I have been with New Irish Art for several months. I am a professional artist and I paint in Donegal. Tom and his team have been so supportive and indeed it feels like I have made new friends who understand what I am doing and have a true appreciation of the visual arts and the effort that it takes to make good work with integrity. Visitors to the site may or may not be aware that painting is something which does not come easy. It requires skill, craftsmanship and creativity. Painting will never make the artist wealthy and it is done for the sheer love of the subject. New Irish Art, Tom and his team understand this and that is what makes the difference. They are enthusiastic, warmhearted and give of their time unstintingly. This website demonstrates a generosity of spirit which I appreciate and which is rare. It should be supported and funded reasonably by those who have influence in the field. It must be allowed to continue to promote artists who otherwise would not receive any recognition.

Thanks for all your help,
Pamela Manson [Irish Artist]

Thank you to the team at New Irish Art for the tremendous work you continue to do to promote Irish Artists and their Art. The website gets better all the time. It's easy to navigate and makes browsing through all the wonderful galleries a most enjoyable experience.

I joined New Irish Art in the early days and have had a great response to my work from clients worldwide ever since. I was just beginning to show my work at the time and Tom gave me the encouragement and confidence to go ahead and really supported me in getting it out there. He continues to work tirelessly in presenting this website to the world. I emailed my newest gallery of work to him after midnight and got a reply from him within minutes. He had my new gallery up and running before breakfast next morning!

I will continue to spread the good word about this wonderful showcase for Irish Art and wish all the best to Tom and the team.

Thanks for all your help,

Patricia Kavanagh [Irish Artist]

The event organiser saw my work on NewIrishArt and liked it, we met up and she liked what she saw so the end result is an exhibition in November, so once again a big thanks to NewIrishArt......

Ann Marie O'Donovan [Irish Artist]

New Irish Art is a wonderful platform for emerging artists. The site is so well thought out, and the artwork always looks amazing.

The fact that all of it is free of charge never ceases to amaze me. A sincere thank you to Tom and all his efficient staff.

Sue Bryan [Irish Artist]

To describe the team at New Irish Art as efficient is a great understatement. Thanks to Tom and the team for all their hard work in supporting and promoting Irish Art!

Niamh Slack [Irish Artist]

The 'New Irish Art' website has provided me with a fantastic platform to expose my paintings to a wider audience. Since joining the site in April I have received numerous replies from enthusiastic art lovers all over the world. Emails have come from Europe, America and South Africa as a result of being linked into 'New Irish Art', and I find myself regularly recommending this brilliant site to both collectors and other artists.

A user-friendly design backed up by Tom Hogarty's devoted management makes it a superb showcase for anyone wanting to get their art seen. In such an unregulated game as the art one it's good to know that 'New Irish Art' is out there.

Best wishes,
George H Smyth [Irish Artist]

New Irish Art allows emerging and recently established contemporary Irish artists to bring their creations into the homes of people all over the world. It gives a global platform to artists and makes an invaluable contribution to the promotion of modern Irish culture. I look forward to watching its continued growth and its achievement of a prominent place within the art world.

Best wishes,
Shane Ross [Independent TD]