Angela Emsen-West Irish artist, Mayo

mam and baby
mam and baby, water colour, 50 x 43cm
Mary's eggs
Mary's eggs, water colour, 49 x 45cm
My Little Duck
My Little Duck, water colour, 57 x 54cm
Water Melon
Water Melon, water colour, 70 x 57cm
Tourmakeady in the snow
Tourmakeady in the snow, water colour, 52 x 42cm
Sunflowers, water colour, 73 x 57cm
Corn and Wineglass
Corn and Wineglass, Water colour, 49 x 50cm
Wash bowl and Jug
Wash bowl and Jug, water colour, 59 x 49cm
breakfast dish
breakfast dish, Water colour and pencil, framed 44by34cm
Bubbles, Water colour, 54 by 44cm
apples in a plastic bag
apples in a plastic bag, polychromos pencils, 44 by 34cm
garden flowers
garden flowers, water colour, 54 by 44cm
bread and butter
bread and butter, water colour, 44 by 34cm
watercress and rocket
watercress and rocket, water colour and pencil, 54 by 44cm
willow pattern jugs
willow pattern jugs, water colour and pencil, 44 by 30cm
stainless steel
stainless steel, water colour, 54 by 44cm
roses in a willow pattern jug
roses in a willow pattern jug, water colour and pencil, 44 by 34cm
afternoon tea for one
afternoon tea for one, water colour and polychromos pencils, 44 by 34cm
cheese and olives
cheese and olives, water colour, 54 by 44cm
after breakfast
after breakfast, water colour and pencil, 44 by 34cm

Irish artist Angela Emsen-West, Mayo

I am a water colour artist who also works with pencils and polychromos pencils. I live in the west of Ireland County Mayo. My art aims to please and to help the viewer see the regular things that we miss through the busy fast pace of modern life. We all try so hard to achieve and rush around yearning for the things that are just out of reach so we don't take the time to stop and enjoy what is already around us in our daily lives. I paint these objects so I can see the beauty of the simple things within my home environment. So I can STOP and see the simplicity, enjoyment and beauty of the regular everyday objects that pass me by because life is so fast. My Chosen medium is water colour paint, water colour pencils and polychromos pencils. Through constant glazing I can achieve depth and with delicate transparencies I can achieve stronger aspects of light, shade and atmosphere. There is nothing deep or conceptual about my work. I strive to represent what I see as accurately and realistically as my drawing skills will allow. I cannot put into words the deep feelings of satisfaction and joy I receive from painting what I see in watercolour.


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