Deirdre Gillespie Irish artist, Cork

Sun, pastel, 40 by 60cm
The path
The path, pastel, 40 by 60cm
Child, pastel, 40 by 60cm
Girl in pink
Girl in pink, pastel, 40 by 60cm
untitled 1
untitled 1, Paster, 40 x 60 cm
without fear
without fear, pastel, 40 x 60 cm
halo, pastel, 40 x 60cm
valley of the little fish
valley of the little fish, pastel, 60 x 40cm
so Hum
so Hum, Pastel, 40 x 60 cm
sowing seed
sowing seed, pastel, 40 x 60cm
I am the cat
I am the cat, oil on canvas, 50 x 100cm
caterpillar, oil on canvas, 90cm/90cm
when she was good she was very very good
when she was good she was very very good, oil on canvas, 60m/80cm
we have the house we have the tree
we have the house we have the tree, oil on canvas, 75cm/100cm
I am pushing an elephant up the stairs
I am pushing an elephant up the stairs, oil on canvas, 70cm/70cm
opening a door while holding an elephant
opening a door while holding an elephant, oil on canvas, 60cm/90cm
swan(1), oil on canvas, 50cm/100cm
swan (2)
swan (2), oil on canvas, 50cm/100cm
melody, acrylic on canvas, 25 cm/25cm
as within so without
as within so without, oil on canvas, 50cm/70cm
saying goodbye to an elephant
saying goodbye to an elephant, acrylic, 25cm/35
all that we hold most dear
all that we hold most dear, oil on canvas, 80cm/120cm
Ann begot Aine
Ann begot Aine, oil on canvas, 60cm/120cm

Irish artist Deirdre Gillespie, Cork

Deirdre Gillespie lives and works in Bandon Co. Cork where she has her studio. She is a graduate of the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork. She works in oil ,acrylic, glass and most recently chalk pastel. 'my work is mostly to do with the interior life, the struggles, stresses and hopefully the joys too. Caterpillar for example is about that awkward stage where the idea of the butterfly has yet to be realized. We have the house we have the tree was painted before the recession but could just as easily have been painted today'. 'I am at present doing a Masters in Art Therapy and my Pastels are a bridge between these two very different ways of image making. I tended in the past to respond to a situations be it emotional or otherwise with an image in my head which I then worked out and translated on to canvas. I now begin with no idea at all...'.

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