Derek Lawlor Irish artist, Dublin

german abstrct
german abstrct, layered oil paint varnish wash, na
nerves got me
nerves got me, na, na
envelope, wash oil paint under drawing pastel pencil and over layer of pure white, a3 paper
german abstract
german abstract, oil paint wash layered, na
woman resting
woman resting, acrilic dot, na
buzz, oil on canvas, 19 x 16 inches
1st date
1st date, pastel on paper, 10 x 14 inches
de koonig through cubism
de koonig through cubism, oil paint on canvas, na
dance me away
dance me away, oil paint on canvas, 19 x 17 inches
essence of a magazine
essence of a magazine, oil pastel and chalk on board, 16 x 16 ins
internet art
internet art, windows paint, any size u like
birthday internet card
birthday internet card, windows paint, any size u like
resurection, acrilic paint, a4 paper
crying, acrilic paint, a4 paper
folow the red down to the soul
folow the red down to the soul, oil paint, 16 x 16 inches
mushy face
mushy face, oil paint and poster paint, 18 x 13 inches
da vincis lil gremlins
da vincis lil gremlins, oil pastel chalk on paper, a1 paper

Irish artist Derek Lawlor, Dublin

My name is Derek Lawler I have been painting constantly for the past five years since I discovered a love for painting I am currently studying in Marino College on an art and sculpture course. I would describe my work as expressionist with some figurative work included I like to paint from my past and also from photographs and life studies I'm also interested in mixed media and dabble in photography sometimes.

While waiting for my college course to start I studied a German artist and tried thier techniques see the figure painting.

The portrait head was a project from my last course to use an irish artist as inspiration for my self portrait the artist I used was Louie le Broque. The small studie was a studie of a painting by Walter Sickert its a guick sketch in oil paint of a figure resting her head on a pillow.

The abstract figure on a black background was an attempt to try something new and an abstract interpretation of some feelings I was experiencing.

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