Jackie Hudson Lalor Irish artist, Louth

Nigel, graphite pencil, A3
Brown Bear
Brown Bear, Coloured pencil, A4
Cockle pickers
Cockle pickers, Oils, 14x18in
Apples and blue plate
Apples and blue plate, Oils, 5x7in
5 Irises
5 Irises, Acrylic on watercolour paper, 14x24in
Search for the light
Search for the light, Oils, 19x30in
Sunday morning
Sunday morning, Oils, 14x201n
Pink rose
Pink rose, Oils, 10x12in
Blue eye
Blue eye, Oils, 5x5in
Dark days
Dark days, Oils, 12x14in
Barbara, Oils, 10x12
The Dreamtime
The Dreamtime, Acrylic and ink, A3
spotlight fairy
spotlight fairy, graphite pencil, 14x13.5cms
squirrel and fairy
squirrel and fairy, graphite pencil, 14x13cms
kneeling pose fairy
kneeling pose fairy, graphite pencil, 14x13cms
contemplation fairy
contemplation fairy, graphite pencil, 14x14cms
sleeping flower fairy
sleeping flower fairy, graphite pencil, 15.5x15.5cms
take me home fairy
take me home fairy, graphite pencil, 27x13.5cms
ladybird and fairy
ladybird and fairy, graphite pencil, 23.5x16.5cms
on the crows back
on the crows back, graphite pencil, 14x13.5cms
ophelia after millais
ophelia after millais, graphite pencil, 20x29cms
christmas fairy
christmas fairy, graphite pencil, 29.5x21cms

Irish artist Jackie Hudson Lalor, Louth

These paintings represent a timespan of 23 years, the earliest being 'The Dreamtime' and the most recent '5 Irises'. They strongly represent my life and things I love, using two of my great friends as models in 'Barbara' and Conchi in 'dark days', two ladies who, along with my husband Kevin, have greatly encouraged and supported me to be all I am! These works are from the heart and I hope you get something from them too!

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