Lorna Gray Irish artist, Galway

My Boy Buster
My Boy Buster, oil on deep edge canvas, 20 x 16 ins
Little Lamb
Little Lamb, Oil on canvas, 14 x 18 ins
Bunratty Pig
Bunratty Pig, Oil, 500 x 400mm
Cows, Oil, 500 x 400mm
Goose, Oil, 400 x 300mm
Battlebridge Co. Leitrim
Battlebridge Co. Leitrim, Oil, 500 x 400mm
Sligo Cockerel
Sligo Cockerel, Oil, 300 x 400mm
Field of foxgloves
Field of foxgloves, Oil, 400 x 500mm
Old Jug
Old Jug, Oil, 400 x 500mm
Brown Cow
Brown Cow, Oil, 400 x 500mm
Ellen and Holly
Ellen and Holly, Oil, na
Old house
Old house, Oil, 300 x 200mm
Haystacks of Spiddal
Haystacks of Spiddal, Oil, 500 x 400mm
Heathers of Connemara
Heathers of Connemara, Oil, 500 x 400mm
Chloe, Oil, na
Holy Mary
Holy Mary, Oil, na
Poppies, Oil, na
Connemara, Oil, na
Kilkee Co Clare
Kilkee Co Clare, Oil, 800 x 300mm
Red Bull
Red Bull, Oil, 500 x 400mm

Irish artist Lorna Gray, Galway

My name is Lorna Gray and I live in Galway. I developed a love of oil painting over the past 6 years. During that time I attended classes with various teachers around my locality. Each teaching me new techniques and building my confidence along the way.

I have taken part in several group exhibitions and also sold many of my works privately. Find me on Facebook - Lorna Gray Art

Email. lornadubgray@gmail.com

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