Stephen Shaw Northern Ireland artist, Belfast

Delivery Day
Delivery Day, Watercolour on Paper, 29 x 49 cm
Totally Wired
Totally Wired, Watercolour on Paper, 32 x 23 cm
Weeping Window,Sligo
Weeping Window,Sligo, Watercolour on Paper, 33 x 23 cm
The Gray Gate
The Gray Gate, Watercolour on Paper, 30 x 44 cm
Shame, Watercolour on Paper, 64 x 43 cm
Last Thatch in Galway City
Last Thatch in Galway City, Watercolour on Paper, 35 x 54 cm
Pets Corner
Pets Corner, watercolour on paper, 33 x 64 cm
WYSIWYG, watercolour on paper, 33 x 22 cm
Still Life
Still Life, watercolour on paper, 33 x 22 cm
Odd Man Out
Odd Man Out, watercolour on paper, 33 x 54 cm
Number 53
Number 53, watercolour on paper, 33 x 22 cm
Four Bricks in a Wall
Four Bricks in a Wall, watercolour on paper, 52 x 35 cm
Where The Trees Live in Gweedore
Where The Trees Live in Gweedore, Watercolour on paper, 29 x 39 cm
Rhapsody in Brown
Rhapsody in Brown, Watercolour on paper, 29 x 39 cm
Belfast has Suffered Enough
Belfast has Suffered Enough, Watercolour on paper, 27 x 37 cm
Ballynahinch Bus Station
Ballynahinch Bus Station, Watercolour on paper, 34 x 54 cm
A Home in Donegal
A Home in Donegal, Watercolour on paper, 37 x 57 cm
Found Island
Found Island, Watercolour on paper, 35 x 25 cm
Mailbox,Letterkenny, Watercolour on paper, 43 x 28 cm
Keep Clear
Keep Clear, Watercolour on paper, 39 x 30 cm
Spiritual Graffiti
Spiritual Graffiti, Watercolour on Paper, 225 x 320 mm
New Image - Lisburn
New Image - Lisburn, Watercolour on Paper, 210 x 300 mm
Factory Wall
Factory Wall, Watercolour on Paper, 320 x 420 mm
Pools Office,Carrickfergus
Pools Office,Carrickfergus, Watercolour on Paper, 270 x 360 mm
Redevelopment, Watercolour on Paper, 340 x 225 mm
Old and New
Old and New, Watercolour on Paper, 275 x 200 mm
Harry Hall,Smithfield
Harry Hall,Smithfield, Watercolour on Paper, 500 x 360 mm
Everything for your Pet
Everything for your Pet, Watercolour on Paper, 435 x 300 mm
Alfie McLean's on the Shore Road
Alfie McLean's on the Shore Road, Watercolour on Paper, 330 x 455 mm
Barton's of Ballycastle
Barton's of Ballycastle, Watercolour on Paper, 360 x 260 mm
Bank (with bullet holes)
Bank (with bullet holes), Watercolour on Paper, 300 x 200 mm
Ardoyne Shop
Ardoyne Shop, Watercolour on Paper, 240 x 320 mm

Northern Ireland artist Stephen Shaw, Belfast

I am a professional artist with a studio based in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter, concentrating on the beautiful, but difficult, medium of Watercolour. The paintings are alive with colour and detail and generally focus on that which is generally perceived as drab, decaying or overlooked. I rarely paint well known landmarks or tourist attractions.

Although important elements, the work is not merely an exercise in nostalgia or historic documentation, but also, hopefully, a fresh way of looking at “everyday” places. Nothing is “normal”, everything is unique. Something of interest and beauty can be found almost anywhere.

An underlying theme is the effects of nature and decay on the built fabric of the North of Ireland. How neglect, vandalism and natural weathering has rendered once pristine surfaces into multi coloured and textured semi abstract artworks in themselves. Time and the Elements of Nature becoming its own Artist.

Alienation, confrontation, provocation, memories and legacies of "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland are present in the work. The effects of the destruction and redevelopment of Communities and Neighbourhoods in Belfast are also major influences. And sometimes I will make a painting of somewhere I have seen and liked, just because I want to...

I have had many successful solo Exhibitions, most notably in Red Barn Gallery, Belfast, in February 2012, where a 30+ year "retrospective" of my work based in the Shankill area of Belfast was received with both critical acclaim and commercial success. I've also held solo Exhibitions in distinguished local venues such as the Linen Hall Library and The Ulster Hall in central Belfast. Work has also been included in many prestigious Group Exhibitions and is available in several local Art Galleries. . The work has been the recipient of two Awards, "Best Watercolour" at Royal Ulster Academy, 2010 and "Best Townscape" at Ulster Watercolour Society, 2011.

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