Red Ground
Red Ground, Acrylic, 29.5 x 21 cm
Strange Dream
Strange Dream, acrylic collage, 12 x 20 cm
Mr Personality
Mr Personality, acrylic, 18.25 x 26.5 cm
Lightning Storm
Lightning Storm, Acrylic collage, 26 x 21 cm
Freedom Dance
Freedom Dance, Acrylic, 28.5 x 21 cm
Time for prayer
Time for prayer, Acrylic, 15 x 22 cm
Together At Last
Together At Last, Acrylic, 20.5 x 29.5 cm
Joyful Reunion
Joyful Reunion, acrylic, 26 x 21 cm
The Paddlers
The Paddlers, Acrylic, 32 X 21.5 cm
Blond Lady In Chair
Blond Lady In Chair, Acrylic, 17.5 x 12.5 cm
The Blackbird
The Blackbird, Acryic, 30 x 21 cm
The Bird Teree
The Bird Teree, Acrylic, 21 x 14 cm

Catherine Makem, Newry, Irish Artist

I am a Newry based artist. I work mainly in acrylic and oil pastels in a variety of art forms including seascapes, figures and other presentations.