White Lady
White Lady, Oils on Canvas, na
The Emerald City
The Emerald City, Oils on Canvas, na
Energy of Grace II
Energy of Grace II, Oils on Canvas, na
Shakti, Oils on canvas, na
Exhumation of Hearts
Exhumation of Hearts, Charcoal and chalk on paper, na
Energy of Compassion II
Energy of Compassion II, Oils on canvas, na
Energy of Compassion I
Energy of Compassion I, Oils on canvas, na
Echoes of Shame
Echoes of Shame, Charcoal and chalk on paper, na
Energy of Compassion III
Energy of Compassion III, Oils on canvas, na
Red Moon Triptych
Red Moon Triptych, Oils on canvas, na
A Clearing
A Clearing, Oils on canvas, na
Through The Pane
Through The Pane, Oils on Canvas, na

Catherine McGagh, Donegal and Louth, Irish Artist

Donegal-born Catherine Mc Gagh has been living in Drogheda, the town which is the gateway to the Boyne Valley,for the last 15 years. She has been painting for over a decade mainly using oils on canvas and is inspired by the ancient sites and landscapes of the Boyne Valley, by her personal journey and by the presence of family and friends.