Sound of the Sea
Sound of the Sea, Acrylic, 420 x 290 mm
Red Sea Turtle
Red Sea Turtle, Acrylic, 840 x 590 mm
Old Head of Kinsale
Old Head of Kinsale, Acrylic, 290 x 205 mm
Howth Head
Howth Head, Acrylic, 290 x 205 mm
Into the light Morris Castle
Into the light Morris Castle, Acrylic, 290 x 205 mm
Storm Sea Morris Castle
Storm Sea Morris Castle, Acrylic, 420 x 290 mm
Sunset on the Shannon
Sunset on the Shannon, Acrylic, 290 x 205 mm
Fox in the Snow
Fox in the Snow, Acrylic, 820 x 420 mm
The Long Room Trinity
The Long Room Trinity, Acrylic, 840 x 590 mm
Tramore, Acrylic, 290 x 205 mm
The Ogham Stone
The Ogham Stone, Acrylic, 29 x 42 cm
The White Stag
The White Stag, Acrylic, 42 x 29 cm

Artist Ian Delaney, Dublin

My name is Ian Delaney and I am an Irish artist based in Dublin. I am self taught with no formal artistic education other than art in secondary school. I primarily love working with acrylic paint due to the sharpness and vividness of colour but have worked with oils too. Having spent my teenage years painting I was advised to turn professional but declined at the time and stopped painting for over 17 years.

In 2011 my artistic journey began again as I picked up a long buried desire and talent. Having enjoyed just being back amongst my paints and brushes again my wife encouraged me to show my paintings to others so I plucked up the courage to exhibit on the peoples art in St Stephen Green.

It has grown from there and I look forward to what the future holds as I strive to get better and better.